Turgut Özal High School

is a private school located in Tirana, the Capital city of Albania. The school is under the administration and auspices of the Turgut Özal Education Company. The company operates 3 nursery schools, 3 primary and middle schools, 3 high schools and one university in Albania.

Turgut Özal High School is accredited by the Abanian Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth in 1997.

Our school building can accommodate up to 500 students and offers modern classrooms, spacious spaces, fully equipped scientific laboratories, a student and staff hall, outdoor facilities for sports and recreational activities.

Turgut Özal High School enjoys student population representative of a cross-section of typical Albanian families, families of business leaders, high ranking government officials, and staff on international organizations located in Tirana.

According to the state evaluation the school is among the ten best schools in Albania. Every year up to two thousand young Albanian middle school students compete with each other in order to enroll in Turgut Özal High School.

The high school has approximately five-hundred students enrolled in the 10th and 12 grades each year, ages 15-18. While most of our students live in Tirana, Turgut Özal High School offers dormitory accommodation to 30-40 students whose families resides outside of the capital city.

The school study guide is based on the National and International Curriculum. The curriculum includes sixteen compulsory and elective courses during each academic year and incorporates national and international books and material. The students learn three languages: English, Turkish and German; all science subjects are taught in English; senior students are offered courses in Advanced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economics.

The school prepares the students for the students for the national and international projects and Olympiads. The students have elevated the school through challenging all of the Albanian’s schools by taking the first places, especially in the Scientific Subjects.

The extracurricular opportunities are another area where students are encouraged to participate and many of them represent Turgut Özal High School on national and international contests, projects and meetings each year.

High standards of teaching by certificated teachers give our students the preparation to study at the best universities in the world; or student alumni pursue their university education in MIT, Standford, Princeton, University of California, New York University, University of Minnesota, to name a few. Turgut Özal High School is proud of the fact that nearly 100% of its graduates attend universities and successfully prosper on these campuses of higher education-a fitting culmination on their preparation to achieve their career expectations and goals.

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